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Bilona Ghee (1 Kg )

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Bilona Ghee is quintessentially the most ancient source of life energy, the only known source of elixir on mother earth.

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Desi Cow Ghee is known as the golden medicine of Ayurveda. It is sometimes referred to as “clarified butter”, as all of the milk solids have been removed from it. After this process, you are left with a nutritious, easy to digest (lactose and casein free), healing oil that can be used as food or as medicine


What Dose it do

  • Strengthens The Immune System
  • Provides Essential Vitamins
  • Provides Essential Healthy Fats
  • Positively Affects The Mind And Mood

  How to Use

  • Store in a glass or Steal container
  • Use with your meal in hot chapatti or daal
  • Mix with warm cow milk and take after meal

  What make it so good

                 This Bilona Ghee Prepared by shree Nandanvan godham mahatirth where they Capet only Indian breed cows like kankrej, Sanchori and Gir cows only. Milking is done by hands after feeding calf properly.

                 It is prepared by traditional Indian method where we use A2 cow milk for making cured. Then the Curd is hand churned(bi-directional) to extract Makkhan in earthen pot. obtained makkhan is slowly heated to extract Bilona ghee.


  Did you know

  • The quality and the taste of the Ghee will change as the time of year and the diet of the cows change. Remember the milk contains the essence of the feed and the ghee contains the essence of the milk.
  • The making of Ghee is a very beautiful and peaceful experience. The sound of softly boiling butter, the pouring of the thick golden liquid into earthen pots; this wonderful smell permeates the space.


GavyaMart Pure Bilona Desi Cow Ghee is form the method used in previous yugas, is to make curd from whole milk. Then churn it to separate makhan from it and then boil it to get Ghee. This is called whole milk ghee and it is the costliest but has all medicinal properties of Desi cow’s milk. To manufacture 1 kg of such ghee, it takes approximate 35 liters of Desi cow milk. The only bi product is chaas (no milk is left as it is converted into curd). So this method is expensive.


Health Benefits and Uses:


  • Increases the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Increases one’s energy, vitality and immunity (Ojas).
  • Detoxifies the body (widely used in cleansing therapies).
  • Used for cellular rejuvenation.
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Heals the intestinal wall.
  • Reduces Pitta and Vata dosha.
  • Strengthens and nourishes the brain and nervous system.
  • Enhances the health properties of herbs when taken together.
  • Healthy alternative to butter and oil and can be added to any dish.


Contraindications: Ghee is not recommended for individuals with a strong Kapha imbalance such as high cholesterol or obesity. In general, it is not recommended to consume more than 3 tsp (1 Tbsp) daily for all body types unless otherwise stated.


General Directions: Desi Cow Ghee can be added to any dish to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients. Add 1 tsp to each meal or use ghee in replacement of butter or oil in a recipe.


Key Features of Bilona Gherr

  1. Boosts digestion: According to Ayurveda expert, Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, "Ghee is one of the most easily digestible fats used for cooking. Ghee is a natural remedy for balancing the heat element (pitta) of the body. It aids in digestion, prevents constipation and helps in the excretion of toxins.
  1. Helps in weight loss: Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar sets this myth straight by calling desi ghee the 'fat that makes you thin'. In her book, 'Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight', she explains that the type of saturated fat that Desi Ghee has is the short-chain-fatty acid. This helps to burn the stubborn fat in the body while regulating your metabolism.
  2. High smoke point:

  The smoke point is the temperature at which an oil begins to burn and smoke. Not only does heating a cooking fat above its smoke point put it at a greater risk of hitting its flash point and causing a fire, but it also breaks down important phytonutrients and causes the fat to oxidize and form harmful free radicals.  Desi ghee has a high heat point which means that it doesn't burn easily while other oils may break down and release free radicals when heated at high temperatures. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to your cells and also increase the risk of disease. Moreover, Indian cooking requires a lot of sauteing and therefore, it is better to use desi ghee which won't breakdown easily.

  1. Balances your hormones: According to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner, Shilpa Arora, "The fat content in our body is mostly saturated fat and only 3% coming from other types. This ratio is absolutely important to know for our health and well-being. This prestigious golden elixir is rich in Vitamin K2 which builds hormones along with Vitamin A, D, E & K."
  2. Strengthens immunity and helps in bone development: As kids, we were given a spoonful of desi ghee daily to boost our immunity and make our bones strong. Desi ghee acts as a strong microbial, anti-cancer and antiviral agent. It is a rich source of fat soluble vitamins that help in growth and development of the bones.
  3. Good for your heart: Vitamin K2 found in desi ghee helps in preventing calcium deposits in the arteries that can lead to blockages and obstruct blood flow. It lowers bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol levels, thus maintaining a healthy balance.
  4. Packed with Fat-Soluble Vitamins:Adding a few servings of ghee into your day is an excellent way to squeeze in some extra fat-soluble vitamins. Ghee can help boost your intake of vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K, all important nutrients that play a role in everything from maintaining healthy vision to keeping your skin glowing.
  5. Free of Lactose and Casein:One of the best ghee benefits is that it’s free of lactose and casein protein. Some individuals have a milk allergy, which may stem from a heightened sensitivity to casein, and others may be hypersensitive to lactose. For individuals with a casein allergy, the reaction may include swelling of lips, mouth, tongue, face or throat; hives; or congestion. People who are suffering from lactose sensitivity can use Bilona ghee which can meet your daily need.
  6. Contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid: Ghee is jam-packed with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid associated with a long list of health benefits. Some studies have found that CLA may be effective in reducing body fat, preventing cancer formation, alleviating inflammation and even lowering blood pressure. Keep in mind that grass-fed dairy provides a higher concentration of this important fatty acid.



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Product reviews (70)

18 February 2016

I ordered Bilona Ghee on 6th Feburary, 2015. Bilona ghee is prepared by churning the curd of milk of Gaumata and then heating the cream obtained from it, rather heating the cream obtained directly from milk. In this process around 30 KG of Curd is used to make just 1 KG of ghee! But this Ghee is completely different from other types of Ghee. It has all the properties as described in Vedas and Ayurvedic Shahtras. It is the essence of milk. If we start discussing the magical properties of such a ghee, it will take days to finish the discussion. Go to the following link The Ghee reached my home on 17th Feburary, 2015. The ghee was packed in a steel box. Overall, Ghee is excellent. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve their health.

27 February 2016

Village me log bilone se hi ghee taiyaar karte hai aur prise 600 hota hai maximum But gavyamart ka bhi ghee bhot accha hen , thanks

22 March 2016

Nice ghee , very testy

25 June 2016

Indra bavan theatre satkiradi near amba get in amravati Maharashtra

9 August 2016

Worth for price.... Pure and real taste of Cow Ghee..... At least once you try it...

22 August 2016

Best Ghee

23 November 2016

Very nice ghee for Gavyamart , i like and all freiends use this bilona ghee

24 November 2016

Gavyamart Bilona ghee is very nice, Mera pura family ko ye ghee accha laga Thank Gavyamart

2 December 2016

How do i get this Bilona ghee in Delhi?

18 December 2016

how your processor , the sale please tell me whole sale rate please tell me Rajesh kumar if i wanted in my The Divine shop

20 December 2016

I use already patanjali cow Ghee.. But i want to try this Cow's really good for all femily parson helth.

6 January 2017

Resp sir. Do u supply, this ghee 500 ml?

15 January 2017


18 January 2017

ISKA muje distributor ship mil sakata he

18 January 2017


20 January 2017

Very very nice and testy ghee

29 January 2017

Very testey gee

5 February 2017

पथमेड़ा घी के दर्शन मुझे राधा कृष्ण की लीला स्थली वृन्दावन में गौसेवक राठौर सिंह जी की दुकान पर 4 वर्ष पहले हुए थे. घी का दाम उस समय कुछ ज्यादा लगा था क्योंकि आदत पतंजलि के 450/- वाले घी की पड़ी हुई थी. लेकिन, एक बार पथमेड़ा घी और गौ अर्क, गंगा शैंपू, विविध साबुन , पथमेड़ा टुथपेस्ट एवं कुछ औषधियां वृन्दावन से मेरे अम्बाला स्थित पर क्या आए .. मैंने किसी और संस्था के गौ उत्पादों पर विश्वास नहीं किया | और.... गौ अर्क ने तो मेरे दोनों घुटनों का दर्द 15 दिनों में ही समाप्त कर दिया.(यह बात मैं गोपाल को साक्षी मान कर लिख रहा हूँ) .... पिछले 4 वर्ष में पथमेड़ा घी, मंजन,हर्बल शैंपू, टूथपेस्ट, इत्यादि उत्पादों से अनेक बन्धु बान्धवों को जोड़कर स्वयं को धन्य कर चुका हूँ. अम्बाला के आसपास पथमेड़ा गौधाम का कोई आउटलेट न होने के कारण गाय के घी की व्यवस्था करने में कठिनाई तो होती है, पिछले दिनों लुधियाना के गोबिन्द धाम जाना पड़ा था. .... किन्तु सौ बातों की एक बात.... मैं पथमेड़ा गौधाम के प्रति कृतज्ञ रहूंगा. जय गौमाता ! जय गोपाल !

18 February 2017

I m from Panchkula I ordered the bilona ghee 2nd time but this time the colour is not so much yellow this time like it was the first time wish there no adulteration in it

20 February 2017

I am using gavyamart products in my regular life. these are excellent products. ghee, toothpaste, soap, milk, gau ark etc. i feels like a person who are living in vedic yug as rishi muni. i am recommding these products to all the person who want to be aarogye nidhi in his/her soul.

7 March 2017

The quality of the product is just outstanding. I think if you are not preparing at your home, it is impossible to find such purity in any other brand. Thank you to all Pathmeda team, great going. Keep it on.

16 March 2017

I'm had use amazing bilona ghee

16 March 2017

I used this bilona ghee & its was amazing

18 March 2017

excellent quality....of bilona ghee....

4 April 2017

awesome quality.. excellent experience..thanks Gavyamart

14 April 2017

This bilona ghee is very good. I am using patanjali ghee from 1 year but when i used Gavyamart bilona ghee i understand difference between ghee and bilona ghee. excellent quality....of bilona ghee....

2 June 2017

Sr,I'm interred in bilona ghee,so I recommmened which is place now

12 June 2017

Super Bilona ghee Real old test

16 June 2017

16 JUNE 2017, I have purchased many ghee for foof ,but no one as Bialona Ghee, jai Gau mata.

19 June 2017

While preparing bilona desi cows ghee do u use electricity or u do manually. Tell me right facts. Churning of curd must be manually with Wooden instruments. Tell details. Also tell Delhi based shop where your products can be bought. Specially tell me address of north delhi or Central Delhi outlet. Thanks... Namaskar

3 July 2017

Please provide 500 ML package of this ghee so that customers can try it first before ordering 1 KG. As it's very costly as compared to any ghee available in market.Thanks.

10 July 2017

Wow... kyaa kamaal ka Swaad h Bilona Desi ghee Pathmeda COWS ka, main jab bhi Pathmeda jata hu 50gm jaroor khata hu. DILIP....

19 July 2017

Testy ghee bilona ghee .gavyamart thanks

8 August 2017

Please provide bilonaa ghee. I want to purchase 2 kg. Its out of stock today. Sadho!

13 August 2017

Mujhe ghee chahiye

23 August 2017

Mujhe 3 kg Bilona Ghee Chahiye. Please inform me

24 October 2017

I live in Oman and i ordered Bilona sudh desi cow ghee online and delivery I got in Delhi.It is excellent quality of ghee and better than patanjli ghee which is not the desi cow ghee.The Patanjali ghee is cow deshi ghee and not desi cow pure ghee.I recommend Bilona pure desi cow ghee to all and it is better to pay more instead of buying not pure desi cow ghee.

3 November 2017

Pathmeda Godham one of the Best place in earth to visit and see how Cow's care been taken..

3 November 2017

Service to cows is very important in order to progress in Spirituality n for our physical, mental health.. Cows milk is a complete food.... Pathmeda's Devotees are doing great service...

3 November 2017

This place is good for cows. They provide health service for cow. Godham means cow living place (go ka dham). I like this place and care for cow. In this world many thing are important to save it. In this cow also come. So Save cow

4 November 2017

This Bilona Ghee is manufactured by Nandanvan Gaudham Mahatirth. Nice ghee.

9 November 2017

Its very tasty ghee. As i used to take @ my naanis Home. Bilona ghee is very testy Thank you Gavyamart for providing such kind of quality. Thank you Gavyamart

15 November 2017

Very testy Ghee. Thank you For providing such quality of Ghee. Thank you Gavyamart

26 December 2017

best ghee ............

29 December 2017

Best quality

16 January 2018

No doubt absolutely right support to pathmeda

17 February 2018

The best Ghee at all. Good Wishes for team Pathmeda.

16 March 2018

This bilona ghee is very good. I was using patanjali ghee but when i used Gavyamart bilona ghee i understand difference between ghee and bilona ghee. Its just like my home made ghee made from cow milk. excellent quality....of bilona ghee...

11 May 2018

very good quality...

26 June 2018

nice customer support and nice ghee

29 June 2018

Today Received the ghee.. very happy with the quality, smell and taste.. just like home made. Was searching since long for your products and finally found out that it has been changed to Gavyamart. Thank you for the prompt delivery :)

7 July 2018

liked the product, excellent

27 July 2018

राधे राधे।। जै जै सरकार की।। It was really verygood.

31 July 2018

Ghee is good and the container is also good. But when we weighed at home we found it is only 850gms and not 1kg.

11 August 2018

Though i received it last week I have not yet opened it as my previous months bilona ghee is still going on and we liked it hence repeated the order.your gomay kande are also good for daily agnihotra.waiting for wheat grass powder which is out of stock. Pranam.

11 August 2018

everything is fine.

29 August 2018

The ghee was like home made and Her quality, smell and taste like good. I like the product and I am happy with the product.thank you for prompting me.

2 September 2018


11 September 2018

Dear Gaya mart team, yes I received my pack of 1 kg bolna ghee, and started using the same from day 1, I know it is expensive but there is no body in this country giving this best quality ghee of cow, there are certain peoples claim that they are best but I am sure that there is no one in front of you giving this purity, Thanks to Gaya Mart, I am also looking turmeric powder organic n your other organic products to buy please keep advising me whenever they are available . Thanks once again you are the best I will recommend the same to my other relations n friends, by the way where is your plant.

12 September 2018

The product is great. It would even good, if shipping charges is reduced

2 October 2018

Excellent product .I am using it for last more than three years. I am a heart patient but no incease in cholestrol level while using it. Supplying same quality regularly.Once my package was broken in transportation. They replaced it without any question. I have recommended this to many of my friends and they all are satisfied. No shoping charges if order is for 2Kg or more. Jai Shri Krishna

17 July 2019

I used to order it since it was introduced. the texture of the ghee used to be very smooth and the teste was also authentic. Now the texture of the ghee, especially at the bottom is as good as DANEDAAR (similar to how other cream-based ghee is in the market). I think now the quality of the ghee is not the purest but rather mixed with the cream-based ghee.

11 August 2019

I have ordered 500g Bilona ghee few days ago and it tastes and smells like dahi. Kya Bilona ghee mein khattapan rahti hai? Or you have sent me the spoiled ghee? Pls answer about the sourness of the ghee because desi ghee smells sweet and it has a nutty flavour

30 August 2019

Good Products & Services, speacially Desi Cow Ghee & Chemical Free Mosquito Repellent.

26 November 2019

The product is good.jast like hom maid.

13 December 2019

im intested cow gee ,im live in mumbai,

20 February 2020

Just had talk with Rajendran Singh ji. He explained me about how ghee is prepared and what are the difference between bilona and machine ghee. Gained a lot of knowledge.

25 May 2020

Am using this Bolona Ghee for last more than four years and have recommended to many. It is excellent product. To those who thinks price is high, I want to bring to their notice that same product is being sold at Rs 2500 per kg at Iscon, Mumbai. If you want quality, you need to pay. Jai Shri Krishna. Jai Gau Mata.

9 July 2020

Ati Uttam gee h jay gau mata jay Gopal

3 January 2021

ओ३म सादर नमस्ते जी।। मैंने गव्यमार्ट से बिलोना घी, गव्य साबुन, गोमूत्र अर्क, घनवटी आदि बहुत से उत्पाद मंगाए ओर ये सब बहुत उत्तम क्वालिटी के प्राप्त हुए इसके लिए मैं सदा गव्यमार्ट का आभारी रहूंगा।। ओर आगे भी आपके उत्पाद प्रयोग करता रहूंगा।।।धन्यवाद।। ओ३म नमस्ते।।।

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