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Indian Cow vs Jersey Animal



Desi Cows

Foreign cows


It has a hump on its back and the neck is hanging & feathery

It has a flat back without hump and neither it is hanging & feathery


It’s a native Indian cows like Sahiwal, Giretc

It looks like a cow but is not a cow.


Its milk comes under the category A2 which is good and health

Its milkcomes under the category A1 which is very unhealthy and poisonous


Its milk has fat content upto 7%

Its milk has fat content upto 7%


Its milk is good for health

Its milk has BCM 7 element which causes lots many diseases like heart diseases, cancer etc.


If the calf of the native Indian cow dies then it stops giving milk and also don’t eat or drink. It is full of emotions. So who so ever drinks her milk will be loyal, dutiful and respectful towards their elders, parents and teachers.

Even If the calf of the foreign cow dies, it gives milk and also eat or drink. It is emotionless and has hardly any feelings. So who so ever drinks her milk will become emotionless and hard. Those people who drink foreign cow’s milk will not respect their elders, parents and teachers.


It is very beautiful and full of emotions

It is emotionless and look like a machine.


These are healthy and are less vulnerable to diseases.

These are more vulnerable to diseases


The bull is very useful in agriculture

The bull cannot be used in agriculture


It has a fantastic capacity to bear hot and cold weather

It requires cooler in summer and heater in cold season.


Its gives good milk in hot climate

It gives less milk in summer season


More than 15 times Its gives birth to calves

It give can birth only to 4 to calves.


It eats less.

Its eats a lot.



It only says OM and Amba, which are names of the God

Its sounds bitter.



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