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Cow Dung uses and used for centuries.


The cow dung is utilized for fields, plants as fertilizer. The cow dung is used for gas plants. The cow-dung is an efficacious disinfectant and often used as fuel in lieu of firewood in India. Cow Dung is antiseptic. Not only is it free from bacteria, it does a good job of killing it. Dried dung is odorless, and produces a slow, even heat. Additionally, smoke from a dung fire keeps flies away and acts as a mosquito repellent. If packed on the outside walls of a house, cow dung acts as an insulator, keeping heat out in the summer and holding it inside in winter.

Indian scriptures tell us that the cow is a gift of the gods to the human race. It is a celestial being born of the churning of the cosmic ocean. Guias the cow is called in Hindi, is symbolic of Earth itself (similar to Gaia,the Greek goddess of earth). It follows that the cow represents the Divine Mother that sustains all human beings and brings them up as her very own offspring. Much as a mother shows the highest mark of affection for her young, the passion of the cow for her calf is just as legendary and often referred to in Indian literature.

The ancient texts describe how the gods run to the assistance of a devotee like a cow hastening to feed her calf. The cow is even more than a mother in the sense that it fulfills all the needs of her children as well. It is in this conception that the cow is understood as Kamadhenu.

In Hindu belief, One should never show disrespect for cows in any way nor should one feel any repugnance towards the urine and dung of a cow because these things are also pure. When cows are grazing or laying down relaxing one should never disturb or annoy them in any way. Cows should never be killed in any type of sacrifice or slaughtered in any way for food as the killing of cows constitutes the most heinous of all sins in existence.

Cow Urine has been used in Ayurveda for 


The burning of cow dung as disinfectant is nothing new, because this procedure is a common custom in the Middle East still today. Even, in hospitals in some countries of Southern Europe, the cleansing of rooms by burning cow dung was well known. Cow dung contains a substance which has a disinfecting effect and reduces pathogenic bacteria. Many ancient cultures used cow dung in order to fight various illnesses. In many books about European folk medicine references to cow dung as a means of healing can be found.


Fields of application about the use of cowdung in folk medicine can be studied in “Vergleichende Volksmedizin“ (Comparative folk medicine), second volume, by Dr. Hovoraka and Dr. Kornfeld (Edition Strecker & Schröder, Stuttgart 1909):


“In case of diphtheria the patient is given cow urine to drink and he is put in wraps of cow urine and cowdung. Against wheezing and coughing as well as in cases of internal ulcers cowdung is mixed with fresh butter and this mixture, still warm, is put on the chest. In case of colic, furnace of intestine and other illness, and all complaints of abdomen that are accompanied by intense pain, the pressed out juice of cow droppings is given to the patient. In case of colic, furnace of intestine and other illness, and all complaints of abdomen that are accompanied by intense pain, the pressed out juice of cow droppings is given to the patient

Vedic scriptures know a further, very interesting quality of cowdung.

After the disaster of Tschernobyl, a group of scientists in Yugoslavia experimented with the Vedic fire technique, Agnihotra. They were able to confirm that after burning the required components in the copper pyramid radioactivity is reduced in the immediate vicinity.

Cow Dung Multi – Acre Biogas Project




Dung available from one fully grown cow/ bull is around 5.4 tonnes per annum. Dry dung will be around 54. x 0.30 = 1620 kg per annum. This is equivalent to 712 kg of dry wood. This amount of wood comes from 6 large trees.

In Vedic culture there are 16 samskaras. These samskaras are meant to put a person in right state of consciousness or mind. In performing all the samskaras actually cow dung is required. So in absence of dung the vedic culture cannot exist.

Most of ayurvedic medicines are to be prepared on slowly burning cow dung cakes. Without using the dung cakes the medicines don’t get proper medical properties. Ayurveda cannot exist without cow dung and urine. If such medicines are made on fire coal or electricity, as most are today, then it is like running a gasoline vehicle on kerosene. It can’t work properly. It may work but not to the levels of which it would if the proper fuel was used. Similarly ayurvedic medicines need to be prepared in the proper manners to have proper effects.



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